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Exclusive Concert – 7 October 2023 – The After Movie

Anniversary Concert 
20 Years – After Movie

A few words of thanks are in order:

Thanks to Charles and Walter from Vercor and Arn from Smells Like Gasoline for joining us on stage on guitars and piano.

Thanks to Marin Izoard for editing this after-movie using scenes filmed directly from his smartphone. A great gift!

Finally, thank you to everyone who came along to our concert and created such a great atmosphere.


H (Velvet Avenue)

A Short Bio

Velvet Avenue was born in 2003 when H and Carl met and decided to combine their ideas and musical universes together.  Both had been writing songs and still do by this day.  H sings them, Carl produces them.  Velvet Avenue is that easy!

No specific style or sub-genre of the electro-pop-rock arena, but a blend of sonic palettes originating from electronic and organic instruments with H’s soulful and powerful voice is truly what Velvet Avenue stands for.  No album is ever quite the same, yet all are stamped “Velvet Avenue style” and H’s distinctive vocal style and qualities are undoubtedly the main reason for that.

Live, Velvet Avenue has worked with many different musicians throughout the years in different combinations, starting with solo  acoustic shows through more pop-rock shows in different shapes and forms and more recently as a concept whereby H is on her own or performs with guest musicians on specific songs, thereby bringing more variety to the gigs. Shows make the best use of synchronised backing tracks and lights for the best audio-visual experience

Carl has not performed any live shows for many years, concentrating on production and songwriting, whereas H is primarily focused on songwriting and live performance.  They both consider Velvet Avenue’s latest album “Between the Lines” their most mature and personal album ever.  Not necessarily radio-friendly, but definitely conceptual and very honest.


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